Wednesday, 9 October 2013

toast and cheerios on the road to Ullapool

ring for service

I have a lot to tell you about my recent trip to Achiltibuie, but before I get into the finer details of my photographic exploits, I feel obliged to share with you what was probably my most extraordinary coffee stop on the trip. The road to Ullapool from Inverness is one of my favourite drives in the world. So many happy memories.

But clearly not a route for baristas or coffee lovers.

This hotel/B&B was the only place that I found open on a two hour drive. I popped in for a coffee. I have forgotten the name, which is not a problem as I won't be partaking of the B&B facilities.

I rang the bell for service.

A very elderly gentleman appeared from somewhere else.

I asked for a coffee.

He brought it.

It was foamy on the top and tasted vile. I felt obliged to drink half of it as I try my best to be polite most of the time.

He told me to leave the money on the table and disappeared back to somewhere else. I strolled around looking for a map.

I found the Cheerios

cheerios and a china sale

I found the toaster

with butter , jam or marmalade

And I found a conservatory stuffed full of things that I really didn't need as a passing tourist.

if you see something make me an offer
 I didn't buy furniture, old videos or even a cot.

I didn't buy dodgy second hand clothes or a china elephant, and I certainly didn't make him an offer.

I left my money on the table,  popped to the loo, and bid a hasty retreat, never to be seen again.

The rest of the trip was so much better.

I will tell you about it soon.

But I needed to get that out of my system, and now I have.

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  1. A good cool eye as always.. ( I worry that the happy hoarder | offloader came off worse.. What do I know..? )

    If you want Froffie' Koffy - as made by Italians then. it's the Airport cafe for you .. (&, Yes... it's in Kent | Across the state line)