Monday, 7 October 2013

pink walls and building sites; finalists in the RPS-UPF Urban Photography Competition

garden wall © caroline fraser 2013
Busy day.

Ikea in Croydon with youngest, including swedish meatball fest and my second trip around the store in 2 weeks (being a mother has its moments, some being better than others)

Then off to Canning Town to deliver new furniture to youngest's new abode; through the Blackwall tunnel and back; always a gamble........ try not to think about what happens if there is a flood while you happen to be driving through the tunnel whilst actually driving through the tunnel...........

Then on to inspecting highly dodgy electrics and plumbing before leaving him to the joys of a 326 page instruction manual on how to make a bed from random bits of wood and some screws.

Next the greenwich gallery to find out which of my images was a finalist in the RPS-UPF Urban Photography Competition

I was really delighted to make it to the final from over a thousand images submitted. The exhibition in my favourite Greenwich gallery is beautifully hung, and the quality of the prints is very high.

OK, so I didn't win an Olympus Pen ( more's the pity), but I did take the prize ( self - appointed) for the most pink picture, and possibly also the most colourful.

I did get into an interesting debate with my friend John about how to define the term 'urban', and possibly disqualified myself from the competition on the basis of his response, but with my deliberately ambiguous title, hopefully no one will pop over to Alentejo in Portugal to see if I meet John's criteria.

I chatted to Aasima Pathan, whose image I liked best of all those on show. From her series 'Solitude' (described in more detail in the link), and taken on a Hasselblad, it reminded me of the beauty of medium format. Her images are very still and considered, and remind me of pen and ink drawings; see below.

Then home for more meat, and I might even have to go to work in the morning, which after two weeks of dossing a bout could be a challenge.

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