Sunday, 27 October 2013

there's a storm coming............get out your salad servers

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The storm will be here soon.

Apparently measures are being taken to clear culvets and drainage channels to reduce the risk of flooding.

So why not here in Bromley?

Every time we have heavy rain  there is a massive flood at the bottom of the road, and if you walk past as a car goes by you can guarantee to be drenched from head to foot.

I have decided that today I can wait no longer for Bromley council to clear the drains that are ALWAYS BLOCKED.

I have taken the matter into my own hands.

And if there isn't a flood at the bottom of the road in the morning, then I hope for due recognition, in the form of a council badge of honour, or perhaps my very own road sweeper ( except that they are completely useless in the matter of clearing the gunge of dead leaves from between the grills of the average drain cover, so I will decline the offer if one is made).

How did I do it you may ask?

What tools did I use?


A salad server.

'How unhygeinic' I hear you scream in horror. Well it will be washed, and I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way up the garden again to get the trowel that I had just tidied away with other bits and pieces into the shed in advance of the storm.

It worked very well; both ends have their functions, and I cleared over 10 drains in a matter of minutes.

Did I care that people were looking at me and might think me rather odd?

No; not really. That is one of the advantages of getting older; I don't worry any more what people think, and luckily my children don't know, and my other half was cooking, so I just slipped out.

before 2
after 2

In terms of a personal archive, this might be one of my greatest moments...........

I'll let you know in the morning.

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