Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autumn in Achiltibuie


I went to Achiltibuie

The sun shone and the sky was relentlessly blue.

Not what I had expected for late September, but one could hardly complain, for it made everything bright and cheerful.

I spent time by a river, where the birch leaves were flowing downstream.


I walked to Fox Point where the sun was dancing on the waves, and I nearly got blown over.

    I talked to the sheep.

    I did a bit of multiple exposure photography of the little white houses against the blue sky.

   I remembered how to slow down a little and wrote a little poem to remind myself how good it felt.

 I got lost in the fields and nearly eaten by a large black and white dog when walking right through someone's front garden trying to get  back onto the road.

 I heard the geese flying overhead in the hundreds, making a noise that is joyful beyond description.

 I had a ball, thanks to the friendly folk of Achiltibuie who made me very welcome.

If you are wondering where Achiltibuie is, it is here .............

in Scotland, in a place called the summer isles, where I have always wanted to go, and now I have been.

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