Thursday, 19 April 2018

here I am again..... back in blighty......lost for words but feeling lucky

wild bluebell and anemone

Spring has sprung.

I am back in the UK, and I have nothing to say.

I am trying to settle back into noisy, litter strewn suburbia. And I don't find it easy.

I do like my own bed though.

And being reunited with my friends.

And weeding the garden.

wild garlic

 As for a blog though, I am stuck.

So I thought I would try tying the numbers 123 as a search into my vast collection of photos on my hard drive as a way to find images randomly. Images containing these numbers consecutively pop into view.

And what you see here today, are the results of this random search.

I find spring flowers.

And some water.

A Finnish tit.

bird on a boot

A Scottish mountain.

Ben Eighe

An Applecross blackbird in a tree

who can resist the song of the blackbird?

A Norwegian camp fire

fire was here

Some Camber cones.

the cones of Camber

Some South island sand

sand patterns

A highland grit pile with a cannister on top

grit installation

A French fountain in Trelex

fountain, Trelex

Some random beach matter from New Zealand

random beach material

A hiking sign from Geneva

this way please

Some New Zealand coffee

refresfments, Kiwi style

A Yorkshire snail with cone

refreshments, Yorkshire style

A dry stone wall

dry stone wall

What do these say about me?

I like trees, water, cones, stones, birds, mountains, beaches, hiking and travel.

That just about sums me up.

I certainly should have smiling eyes today.

I have travelled the world and lived to tell some tales.

I have been lucky.

And you get to see some of the very strange images lurking on my hard drive.

You may feel that I am luckier than you.

Japanese t-shirt