Monday, 21 December 2015

Everything is coming up roses...... Christmas in Gore

this is Gore

Here I am, in paradise.

Well not really Paradise; I went there last weekend, and it was. Paradise is near Queenstown, in LOTR country.

I am in Gore , Southland , New Zealand South island. A small town surrounded by spectacular options for landscape photography.

Dairy farming country.

Where cows are plentiful, along with green grass and plenty of rain.

cows in a meadow

Where the roads are quiet and wide, and I can walk to work.

my daily commute

Tractors are a popular mode of transport.

on the road

And bulldozers are handy for tidying the garden.

The local hills are gentle and rolling


And the gardens are full of roses

Christmas roses

Roses filled compost heap

As you can see I could wax lyrical for some time.

But it is Christmas ......

and I have work to do.

My other half (OH) and youngest child are arriving on Christmas Day for a holiday.

And obviously Christmas dinner is first and foremost on OH's mind.

Hams and salads, strawberries and pavlova are the local favourites for the Christmas feast.

But we are ENGLISH

and must do things properly.

I mentioned to OH that I couldn't find a turkey, and that maybe a chicken would do.


Of course it wouldn't do.

I mentioned that I couldn't find Christmas pudding either, and immediately OH volunteered to bring one, having only the day before muttered about  the extra weight of carrying a lens filter that I needed and asked him to add to his luggage......


Food first.

I was getting worried.

But then I struck lucky.

I found the ENGLISH section in the local supermarket

English foods in New World Supermarket

Well never has a photo that I posted in Facebook engendered so much discussion and amusement.

I shall stop posting landscapes and post pictures of food instead....

Sandwich spread; 'sick in a jar'

tinned haggis; ' yum yum' ( ironic of course)

Branston pickle; sold out.........

Creamy Reeses? what on earth is that. certainly not ENGLISH

It was suggested that most of these foods were last normal fare in England when ration books were still available.

So we could feast on a tinned steak pie and some Birds custard......

Or I could cook a real meal, which I will endeavour to do ...........and not a chicken in sight.

Plus a flaming pudding along with brandy butter AND brandy sauce. Just like we always do.......

Epic beer

All washed down with some Epic Armageddon beer, and some local wine.

Followed by a walk in the park to see the local reindeer and the Christmas sheep.

Gore's very own stag

Gore's Christmas sheep

Happy Christmas everyone!

I'm off to Paradise.

Paradise, New Zealand

sheep in Paradise

Thursday, 17 December 2015

An interview with Subject Matter Photographic Art

So much to say.

So little time to say it.

Having fun and loving the long summer days, even if the weather is rather unseasonal here in Gore. Much like Scotland, which can't be bad.

Here is a link to my recent interview with Subject Matter Photographic Art to keep you occupied while I write something coherent about this wonderful country ( New Zealand).

You may read it HERE

Sunday, 6 December 2015

the joys of jet lag and some photography in Vancouver

foggy dawn

I cannot thank eldest child for choosing to live in a city that allows for the most challenging jet lag of all destinations that I have encountered. I don't get stressed if I wake early, but I do get very tired, and that affects my brain in an adverse way.

  • day one; wake 3.30am
  • day 2 wake 4 am convinced that it is dawn.....but oh so wrong.
  • day 3 wake 4.30; ah ha; moving in the right direction....
  • day 4 wake 3.50 hmmmm
  • day 5 wake 4.30 ; I give up. I want to go home...
  • day 6 on plane to Auckland; breakfast served at 03.30 here we go again......
  • day 7 wake 05.00 luxury item; getting it cracked now
  • day 8 wake 06.00 YAY! I might be even be able to function when I start work tomorrow 

Suffice it to say that I have been unable to string any words together for this blog, or even decide what to post.

while most are sleeping

Should it be trees in the city?

trees in the city 1

trees in the city 2

Or should it be Vancouver and Stanley Park in the fog on a very cold and frosty walk before breakfast?

Dawn, Vancouver


Stanley Park

Stanley Park 2

Stanley Park 3

 trees and crows

the last leaves of autumn

Or it could be 'Orange on Nelson'

Eldest child walks to work on this street daily. I joined her on my last day and in my jet lagged stupor decided to focus on the cheery colour orange on the return journey.

orange on nelson 1

orange on Nelson 2

Orange on Nelson 3

orange on Nelson 4
the strange bolted cones of Nelson Street

more orange on Nelson

micro cones cover tree stumps on Nelson.

As you can see, I have not been able to choose, so have shown them all.

And my favourite is the bird seen on a city side street. Which doesn't fit any of these themes.

Bird in the city © Caroline Fraser 2015

Got to go now; I forgot to pack any socks, and it is very cold here in the New Zealand 'summer', so I am off to the shops.