Monday, 31 March 2014

on a slow road going nowhere


I am in need of guidance.

My time here in New Zealand is 50% spent.

I am loving every minute but I should have worked out by now what photographic project I am currently working on. I thought is would make itself clear to me if I spent enough time here.

It hasn't.

So some guidance would be appreciated.

While I have been travelling around enjoying the scenery I have, of course, taken pictures along the way. All of which might be mini projects in their own right, but they are a jumble, diverse, random and of little merit individually.

They might be described as  a representation of my current state of mind……..…..confused.

Here are a few to make my point.

There are gravel roads in the Otago countryside

Mountains in the Remarkable range

 Fields of grass

And forests of green

Add caption

 Places to stay.

 Tourist attractions.

 People out and about

Queenstown beach on a lazy summer Sunday

tsunami hazard zone

and animals too

There are historic buildings and possibly the world's smallest library with almost certainly the shortest opening hours ( one hour on fridays)

Glenorchy library

and there are places named after Scotland in places that look like Scotland

Argyle St, Glenorchy


There are red hot pokers marking letter boxes by the roadside, now dying , so too late for a project there.

And red hot skies over the mountains

I am a master of indecision.

It can only go forward from here.

possible titles to draw all these themes together on a postcard please.

Patience is a virtue I hear you say……

Ideas will come if I wait for long enough……..

It's a bit like waiting for penguins.


  1. Seems to me that your dilemma, will become clearer when you see it all from afar..

    It's either the people and traces of activity.. Anthropology | Anthropomorphism


    The big mystery of the rocks, trees, sky & stuff...

    I'd just collect it all for now.. *Work out what moved you later.

  2. thanks Paddy. you are right; as always