Friday, 21 March 2014

the perfect house……...

Another cloudless blue sky day. My plans to disappear into the bush for another attempt at capturing the beauty of the ferns and mosses foiled by the sun.

Too much bright sun filtering through the foliage is distracting. I really need an overcast day, without wind or rain………

…..when I am not working

So I'll show you some more pictures of Gore.

I took a stroll last night with my phone in hand, to look for the perfect property to invest in.

For I am sure I will need to come back here.

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I met a dog sitting quietly. He didn't move from his spot.

I walked past the house with the chimney hiding behind a tree

And the church tower with an open belfry but no bells.

Down to the centre of town

Admiring the colour schemes of the old shops

Passing by my favourite shop

and the clock tower

So what house would I buy?

A green one?

or maybe a red one?


or new?

A caravan would be cheap, but a little restricting.

A water tower would be quirky and the view would be to die for.

A metal house might be cold in winter.

Who could resist a house with a rumpus room?

Are you captivated by curiosity ?


Nor me.

I would like this one.

There's just one problem.

It is not for sale.


  1. Africa | Seaside U.K. in the 50's - A netherworld, thats... Gore

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  2. You clearly underestimate it's charm Paddy. And rich, coming from where you live…….!