Monday, 7 April 2014

In case you were concerned …………

Oban beach, Stewart Island

Some of my faithful readers, OH included, kindly picked up on my suggestion last post that I was stuck for a project.

Thank you to those who sent me advice. It was appreciated, and made me feel a little less alone with my dilemmas.  I had to admit to OH that I had used a bit of writer's licence, and that I was actually fine, if a little confused about the medley of randomness that is much of my collection from 'down under'.

As OH has now managed to find my blog and, worryingly, started reading it, I shall have to be very careful what I write in future.

So, just to reassure you, I have created a couple of new pages for my website, with some possible projects in the making. They are ridiculously abstract, fuzzy and really not helpful if you want to know what 'down under' actually looks like. Which is why I wanted to post some very ordinary images of the  very ordinary roads, post boxes and all the other stuff that goes to make up this wonderful place.

Just for you!

To see some new work just click here

"moonlight, but no dolphins" © caroline fraser (2am Curio Bay)

Rees River, Glenorchy © Caroline Fraser

OH = other half


  1. The painterly dilemma...

    What to choose | Joyfully leave out

    Musicians - A happy middle ground between painter/photographer

    That fellah...

    John Lennon said..

    "..Just gimme some truth... "

  2. and who will be the judge of 'truth'?

    1. .. Them dead dad's | those ones.. ?

      Never doubted you or thought that you might have gone... 'Bush crazy'

      That's an African thing & only to N.C.O's.. So.. definitely can't happen in N.Z. (Not with Oicey's influence around the fine island !)

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      The mighty .. Crookid Dr Caroline Fraser - 'Delivers the goods & $ome' '
      - an ordinary life blog | C.F. + O.H.