Sunday, 2 March 2014

Frasers beach for a Friday

Lake Manapouri where the journey began

One month in. It is now officially autumn in New Zealand, and time is flying by.

I have today managed to make my TV work after 3 weeks of trying; and quite frankly I am not sure it is a positive step. I think I'll go back to Radio 4. There is nothing like tweet of the day to set one up for the evening. Today is the turn of the widgeon.

But I am in New Zealand looking for penguins, and I am not sure they cover those.

Another weekend.

Another trip.

More joyful experiences.

This week the turn of Manapouri and Doubtful Sound.

Bottom left of South Island. Fiordland. Crafted by glaciers. Home of the sandfly.

I'll start with Manapouri.

Manapouri is much quieter than Te Anau. Only one shop and one restaurant. No tourist tat, and a beach named after your truly.

Frasers beach, Lake Manapouri

The road to Manapouri is very quiet.

There is a fine hedge on the approach to the village. I found it incongruous with the scenery behind.

The road to Manapouri

I spent the afternoon exploring the Keppler track and the surrounding countryside, then a night in the Motor Inn ready for my cruise adventure the following morning.

The countryside is rolling.

The vegetation on the Keppler track is stunning and very green.

 I will have to  return with my tripod to do it justice.

Keppler track

view from the track

Back to the beach for a bit more long exposure photography as the sun went down on the lake.

Back at the motel I demolished a pizza and some beer, then joined the dead flies in my room for a sleep.

The friendly welcome and service from the staff at the motel more than made up for the flies which were initially hiding on the carpet behind the bed as flies are wont to do.

Tomorrow is dolphin day.

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  1. The... Kandy coloured flies... tiptoe through my motel... The Sandman

    There's a song... About that?