Wednesday, 1 January 2014

welcome to 2014 and a new year's resolution

the morning after the night before

A quiet day after a late night with good friends.

Technology is getting the better of me.

I wanted to try Instagram on my phone, but my phone says it is too old to manage something as on trend as that.

So now, in order to try it, I have become one of those people that take pictures with their ipad; not something I have ever aspired to, but I couldn't resist a little experiment.

My first picture was of my keyboard, mainly as I was too lazy to move from my chair.

dirty qwerty

My keyboard isn't really quite as dirty as this; I have grunged it up a bit in Instagram, as I needed to know what a clean keyboard looks like when Instagrammed, and this was the result.

Most of you probably already know this. I am a 'late adopter' in this particular case.

My new year's resolution might be to have a cleaner qwerty. Or it might be to avoid using Instagram.

Apparently Facebook is dead, and young people are turning to Instagram for their interpersonal non vocal communication. So I should at least know how it works.

and who needs a camera these days anyway?

ipad photography

more ipad photography

Who knows what 2014 will bring?

I hope that it brings you health and happiness.

You can keep up with my ipad Instagram exploits here

Apparently I have two followers, and I have only taken two pictures so far............

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