Monday, 20 January 2014

sail away home

sail away home © caroline fraser 2014

Big box is packed and ready to go.

Assorted socks, scruffy winter clothes, wellington boots for beach photography and a tripod are about to wend their way across the world, hopefully followed by yours truly with her summer clothes and  smarter stuff for work.

Plumber is here again.

I am feeling impatient to get started on my big trip, and the only way that I can think of to pass the time ( for I am not going to start on the ironing) is to work on some old photos, having banned myself from taking any new ones until I start my travels.

Something new from something old.

new constructions by Paddy Hamilton

I was influenced by Paddy Hamilton's   winter show ( see above) in which he has re-fashioned his garden fences into something new after the recent storms on Dungeness. I love the geometry, and the optical illusions pertaining to boxes.

So I set to, with some old images of rusty metal and wider views at Dungeness.

navigational aid for fishermen

The image above is of a navigational aid for fishermen coming in to land on the beach at Dungeness. They aligned this T -shaped wooden structure with another diamond shaped one, and headed straight for home in the days before sat nav.

Fred Cuming RA has painted it many times, and in different lights.

You can see more of his work here

Still looking for something new, and clearly influenced by Fred's work I combined two images of the rusty containers.


And somehow made them look more like wood than metal.

And by the time I had finished the plumber had too, and relieved me of another couple of hundred pounds.

I think it is time to leave the country before anything else goes wrong.

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  1. Aww ra bes' - Have a good trip..

    If you're in Christchurch you should look up this fellah.. - 'He's one of us'... *Crookid to the bone..

    + Thanks for the mention | rain stops play today