Monday, 7 March 2011

Paranoia and trophies, farmers' markets and tinned meat pies

People's views on the internet and the sharing of information vary, and I have been surprisingly reluctant to tell my other half about the existence of this blog. The other half, who I shall call OH, has different views on photography and what is fair game to me.

On seeing a photograph on my computer screen of a chimneypot in my street OH asked me whether the owners of the house had come out and accosted me for picturing their bricks and mortar.
When I was caught earlier today speaking to two complete strangers in a garden centre he looked extremely concerned and asked me what I was talking to them about.

It happened that these two ladies had been watching me taking photos of plums and oranges in the garden centre shop. They asked me why I was photographing oranges, and I explained that I am doing a project on ordinary life, and was "taking photos in the supermarket". They hastened to inform me, in a very friendly discourse, that this was not "a supermarket", but a "farmers market shop". At which I had to reply that , in that case, I wondered why there were Fray Bentos meat pies in tins on the shelves, not to mention the frozen paella mix and frozen scampi in breadcrumbs. At this they became quite excited, and pointed out the pineapples and mangoes, and we had to agree that the local farmers were probably not producing most of what was on sale. They insisted that I take a photo of some "Kentish apples", which turned out to be from somewhere in the UK, but not necessarily from Kent.

Going out with a camera leads to some very jolly moments, regardless of OH's views. And like walking with a dog, it gets the conversation flowing with complete strangers, which enhances the day.

I knew that OH's thoughts on my doing a blog would be that the whole world would know everything about us, come knocking on our door and probably burgle us and steal our identities...........
On Friday night, however, the cat got out of the bag, as I knew it would sooner or later. We went  with friends to collect trophies  for the mantelpiece, and the blog was discussed in the car. We duly collected a large number of trophies after an entertaining dinner, and I am now re-arranging OH's mantelpice, as I can't cope with looking at all of them simultaneously. One was so large that the mirror couldn't sit straight on the wall. OH loves trophies. I keep mine in cardboard boxes on a high shelf waiting to be returned at the end of the year. For me the honour of any prize or qualification is worth more than the paper or silver that it is recorded upon. Let us revel in our differences and hope that all this somehow leads the project onwards.

It has been a difficult day, project wise, as I feel that I have no idea what I am doing, and that time is not on my side. OH was very helpful,  first by suggesting that I should do what I enjoy, and then switching completely to advising me to stick to the challenge that I have set myself, well outside my comfort zone, as that way I will learn more. I think he is probably right.

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