Tuesday, 8 March 2011

London Villages Project

On Saturday I attended the first meeting of a London-wide photographic collaboration of LIP members for a year long project on London villages; the London Villages Project . The aim is to cover all London boroughs and to create a body of work that is a unique contribution to the photographic record of London over the next 12 months. The participants can each choose a place that defines itself, be it a community, an emotional centre, home or street, and make their own interpretation of the dynamics and nuances of that community. 

We met in Piccadilly and heard examples of projects already underway, such as Anne-Marie Glasheen's exploration of the Excalibur estate in Catford; a unique development of post war prefabs that has survived far longer than intended, and is now under threat of re-development.

 Over 120 members of London Independent Photography are signed up to the project, and will get together monthly to discuss progress and share ideas. My intention is to focus on Widmore, Bickley and Chislehurst as these are all home territory. I started with a stroll up my own street on a sunny afternoon, and look forward to capturing it in all weathers and through the changing seasons.

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