Friday, 18 March 2011

the merits of a rainy red nose day and the extraordinary story of a non pregnant lady

a rainy day in Chislehurst by Caroline Fraser

Yesterday I finally figured out that I can’t work on a photographic project of subject matter that I don’t feel has some beauty attached. At last I can see a way forward.
The inner turmoil that I have been feeling for last 2 weeks is all to do with not realising and accepting this, and feeling bound to progress my project regardless.
I now realise that I have to proceed on a basis of exploring subject matter that gives me the inner calm that my photography has been giving me for the last 5 years.

My photography above all else should give me pleasure; if not I have lost my purpose.

I have been waiting for rainy day and finally it arrived. Only photography can enable me to really appreciate a rainy day. In the few minutes that I was out and about at lunchtime I was able to get a few more photos of subjects through a wet windscreen; this is very ordinary life portrayed, but in a way that I feel comfortable with. I stopped the car in a side road and grabbed a few more tree shots before returning to work for the afternoon.

tree in rain

I listened to the extraordinary story of a lady who pretended to be pregnant at a pop concert in order to get to the medical room at the O2 to get near the pop star. She was seen by an ambulance man who diagnosed that she was 37 weeks pregnant with a dead baby. The woman in question was accused of concealing a pregnancy, and the police and social services got involved. She was marched off to see a doctor, who confirmed that she was not pregnant, but rather overweight, and to whom she confessed the full story. Much time of many people was wasted due to the lady and the paramedic between them.
When I re-emerged from my office at 6pm the sky was clear, and there was a wonderful light in the sky.

another tree, different weather
I stopped off again in another side road,and spent a very happy 10 minutes watching the sky change from orange to pink to blue.
A perfect end to the day.
In future I will stick to subjects that work for me.
I feel I can now progress the project with a clear goal   .....................   beauty.

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