Friday, 18 March 2011

Happy Red Nose Day ; more word association

7.15 to 7.35 morning walk , Friday 18th March

I quite like photos of intimate objects in the house
especially those taken with 50mm lens.

but how to tie up with photos from outdoors?

I like being outside

Walking the dog

Flickr set “walking the dog”

all about the dog

All about being outside and the feeling that I get taking pictures in open spaces

Photos outside

collage is good

can make expansive views of expansive places

I love that feeling……………..
how would I show indoor objects?

a book?

what of?


the pig of happiness


my trophies/his trophies


postcards and stones from around the world


silver cups and sailing boats

His and hers

title of a book








likes and dislikes

a celebration of differences

life is not about being the same

would be a positive statement of marriage

family reunion

on our wedding anniversary

who would want to see such a book?

only D and my immediate family

word association in the book

colours, photos, text

A book for grandchildren

What 'grandma' and 'grandpa' like

what would they call us?

A book of colourful things

A childrens book

Could I do that ?

you can’t write a book for grandchildren that you don’t have; that’s really morbid

this project is making me feel sad

photographing indoors is making me think about the children that aren’t here

It has to be a celebration, not a look at loss or death

back to the cancer
It’s still all about dying and wanting to leave something beautiful behind

my original personal statement still holds true

it s about the fragility and transience of life

its about beauty and creating something special

it’s about beauty

How could I make a book that isn’t just for my family?

What would it be called?

Professor D and Dr C

ordinary people………

A celebration of differences

His and hers

I like, you like

that tree looks lovely next to that one

And I still like trees next to lamp posts

when will the sun be on it? I could come back when it is……

Red nose day

“Happy red nose day”

I’ll go to Sainsbury and Tesco to see how they are celebrating

See some fun

Should I wear red to work?

litter on the ground; I’ll put it in the bin

back home

breakfast time

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