Thursday, 3 March 2016

On the road......from green fields to the mountains

the road to Mount Cook

I have finished my 3 months in Gore. I loved it there.

Every morning was a delight. I saw sunrises and sunsets like nothing that I have seen in London.

clouds over the Hokonui hills

I have said goodbye to the roses

Gore cemetery
and begun my journey homeward.

It started with a coach ride.

I learned how to take moving panoramas with my phone. I had five hours to practice. And I didn't master it.

They won't be winning any prizes.

But they do show the green colours of Southland

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I picked up a car  in Queenstown and headed north over the Lindis Pass.

The tussock grasses were not so green.

The car was not so good up hill.

tussock grasses, Lindis Pass

Lindis pass 

In Wanaka I strolled on the lakeshore, through sunlit trees and wished I had come prepared for a swim.

I was in the mood for soft focus. it seemed the only way to cope with the harsh sunlight.

I also tried some multiple exposure of the reeds on the lakeshore.


Next up some tramping ( hiking).

The Hooker valley track.

I dutifully notified my 'adventure buddy' where I was going and when I would be back. I ticked the box on the adventure smart website that said I have a first aid kit, and then felt a little guilty, as all I have are some elastoplast and one dressing. Not much use if I break my leg or sprain my ankle. Still, it is an improvement on two years ago when I hiked in Paradise with not so much as a sticking plaster.

Turns out I needn't have worried, as most of New Zealand were on the track. Sunday is a popular day for tramping. I would not have been alone if I dropped dead or fell off the track. Someone else would be sure to have a bandage. A lady hiker got blown off the track 4 months ago; it is a very windy valley. You never know what might happen.....

The views on the track got better and better. I ate my apple in the shelter.

my apple

And the traditional New Zealand beef sandwich that comes laden with hard boiled egg.

I know not why.

5 years ago I ate my apple in the shelter, and it was cold and rainy outside. This was so much better.

Mount Cook is the star of the show.

Mount Cook

The river is wild and cloudy. Full of glacial sediment.

Hooker river

The boulders are big and shiny.

The return journey was suitably spectacular.

It is hard to beat the colours of a glacial lake in full sunshine.

Lake Pukaki and Mout Cook

Lake Pukaki

I had walked my 10,000 steps, and so much more.

Saying 'au revoir' to this beautiful country and its lovely people.

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