Monday, 28 March 2016

Back in Blighty

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I am returned to blighty.

My trip down under ended sweatily in western Australia with my other half (OH).

This was his part of the trip. I relinquished all control and went along for the ride for 10 days before flying home for Easter.

Two facts that you should be aware of;
  • This was my ever last chance to claim on his life insurance before a very big birthday ruled out this possibility for ever.
  • OH promised me that it would not be too hot in Perth at this time of year.

We travelled gaily in the early autumn sunshine - around 37 degrees most days.

I will say no more on that subject, except that I do not carry a camera at 37 degrees, so phone photography became the norm.

OH planned the trip perfectly. We had beaches, forest, city and culture.

We dined like kings and enjoyed the drive, stopping for refreshment along the way.

express because it is undrinkable....

yes they have cones down under too

We passed 
  • 'bonking frog wines'
  • indoor beach volley ball................. why?
  • 'moo and chew' cafe
  • helpful signs asking 'are you awake at the wheel'? 
  • 'Bunbury cares about you'     
  • fresh barista coffee............interpret as you will

I looked for insurance realisation opportunities

I declined to swim with sharks.

I am told that my chances of being eaten by a shark are less than being struck by lightening.

I persudaed OH to go for a swim.

He survived.

what lurks beneath?

beautiful West Australia beaches

OH declined, however, to hike in an electrical storm.

We risked the snakes, but didn't find any.

We picnicked in lay-bys, and were glad we were not in need of all the facilities.


We had 'coffee' in a very beautiful craft brewery.


coffee for OH

iced coffee for me

We went wine tasting; choosing by label as we had no other means to tell the bottles apart.

fat bastard

OH also declined to climb one of the amazing Jarra trees. Which was quite sensible really as there was nothing to stop you falling if you happened to slip 65 metres off the ground.

climbing a Jarra tree

He drove me a very long way to see the incredible Pinacles national park.

And it was worth the drive.

Pinacles National Park

selfie with the pinacles

On our return to Perth he treated me to a slap up breakfast.


The following day I rebelled and chose the breakfast venue, outside in the sunshine.

And as it was too hot to do anything at all I took my hairy legs off to an air conditioned nail parlour and had my nails painted ready for my return to English springtime.

And while it blows a gale outside and I sit back at home in London wearing thick socks and a woolly jumper I can remember the wonderful skies and happy times that we had together.

And as I write OH , who is now of a certain age, and has his Boris (free bus and train travel in London) pass, is safe in the knowledge that his insurance remains unclaimed and that he is now  free to spend his days on the Circle line  going round and round as many times as he likes.

remembering the blue skies


  1. We have had a great laugh, Bev says you have 'a nice dry wit' .... B, B & Hx