Tuesday, 9 September 2014

pigs and pies at the September Art Exhibition ; how to survive when exhibiting at an art exhibition

Pigs in conversation by Mary Clarke

The September Art Exhibition in Wadhurst is now on.

 It is a lovely show, and there is a great variety of work to enjoy. I am taking part, and have learnt a lot.

Lessons learnt

  • Don't expect everything to go to plan. In my case, nothing went to plan.
  • DO check out exactly what the hanging system is; be prepared to change your hanging plan at the last minute and without a laptop to work it all out on.
  • Don't expect your pretty pale blue step ladder from Argos to be tall enough ( unless it is 8ft high)
  • Don't expect to be able to hang your work without help; it just isn't possible. Take a friend.
  • Don't try and sell boxes of cards when everyone else is selling individual cards. There is nothing as sad as having to tell Aunty Mabel that she can't have that card unless she buys the whole box.
  • DO find a beautiful box to put your bits and pieces in. You don't get a table to hide everything under.
  • DO remember to eat and drink. They do big pies in Wadhurst. And a bar of 'fruit and nut' works wonders too.
big pie, Wadhurst

  • DO put your business cards picture side down; otherwise children will collect them like smarties and you will have none left at the end of  day one of the show.
  • Don't hang pictures with velcro; they fall down at awkward moments, ripping holes in other works as they fall.

crafty browser with card box and business card holder attached

DO have a comments book or page; positive feedback makes it all worthwhile. The odd "WOW" works wonders.

Comments page by Kay Jones

Don't expect dogs to appreciate your work.

Dogs don't 'get' art, especially abstract photography

DO take pictures.

Charcoal drawing by Kirsten van Schreven

DO leave sweets or something free for people to take. I made bookmarks out of old photographs.

free postcards, spare pens and a comments/contact book by Sue Davis

work in progress by Dani Humberstone

DO demonstrate if you are able. It really gets people talking and engaging with you. 

Artist's demonstration by Ceridwen Jane Grey

DO be there as much as possible; conversations and connections lead to sales. Clear labels are vital; people hate having to ask about prices.

two Argos folding tables at £7 each, a browser and a hamper for storage from the charity shop in Rye

DO be very grateful for the free sample of 'age defying face cream' in the artists goody bag. After 4 hours of hanging and smiling in a 'professional' manner on set-up day, you will need it.

abstract by Sue Davis

The show is on for another week.

DO go!

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