Monday, 15 September 2014

don't touch those rocks............

Norway, Camber Sands
The sea defences are under reconstruction from Jury's Gap to The Suttons at Camber Sands.

For two years rocks from Norway will be brought ashore by boat and built into the sea wall.

Men in orange jackets are guarding the rocks closely. Health and Safety prevails.

It is a long walk up the beach to see the rocks at present, and only a few people have strayed that far from the  Kit Kat cafe and the bratwurst bar to take a peek at the works.

If you get too close, a man will shout and wave at you, and tell you to go away.

man in yellow jacket watching me watching him

There are several piles of stones, and the workers are always working, so tactics would be needed if you wanted to get closer.

Decoys would be required. False identities assumed.

For the man in the red hat will be very upset if you get near his rocks. They are dangerous.

'can't you see the sign? it says no entry'

The 'no entry' sign is in the car park, completely invisible to those who arrive on foot, strolling along the seashore. I don't envy him his job, for it will get harder and harder as the works move nearer the populated end of the sea wall.

rocks and a power station. 

Some naughty people walked right past the diggers before they were spotted.


Obviously I stayed well away.

And will continue to do so.

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