Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Scotch pies, caramel cakes, haggis and chips; it must be the Nairn Highland Games

I have been up in Scotland, eating for England; at a wedding and the Nairn Highland Games.

My diet for three days consisted of cake, pies and haggis, followed by macaroni pie, cake and then more cake and some Scottish tablet.

It was good, but I have come home with a renewed love of all things green on the food front.

The Nairn games are special for me, as they are set in my ancestral home, and because I can't resist a piper, preferably in a massed pipe band.

Marching to the highland games in Nairn

If you want to make me cry, just make me listen to the Scots Dragoon Guards playing Amazing Grace. It works every time.

The games are traditional; you know exactly what will happen as every year it is the same. Steeped in tradition. Tossing the caber, highland dancing, tug of war, pipers, and plenty tartan and kilts.

In full regalia before the procession commences

technology and tartan

Nairn Games 2014

Nairn Games 2014 at the Links

Right next to the show ground are the 'showies' -  a funfair for those less attracted to traditional pursuits. The contrast within a hundred yards is quite surreal. Blaring music and people having fun spending money on the penny falls and dodgems. All you need to do is walk past the toilets and you enter a completely different world. Not everyone seems that happy to be there.

all the fun of the fair

no softy cissys or cry baby's

I met Darth Vader in a kilt

he seemed quite pleased to see me

And a levitating child running with her eyes closed.......

levitating child

The most popular ride is the 'limbo dancer' which bears no resemblance whatsoever to its title.

the Limbo Dancer

more fun at the showies; waiting for the ride...........

a happy punter

stall holders have very traditional prams for their children

There is no shortage of food at the games, day or night.

jumbo hot dogs

Burger palace


But I limit myself to Ashers cakes, as they are what I have eaten for the last 40 years and more.

Ashers cakes

Mine is the one on the top. A caramel tart.

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