Sunday, 14 October 2012

bigger is better..............going Tokyo

Hebridean series by Caroline Fraser on show in Tokyo
It is somewhat exciting to be able to show the image above; my Hebridean series of impressionistic seascapes on show in a smart gallery in Tokyo courtesy of Subject Matter who promote my work on permalure . Seeing these works printed to such a scale confirms my already held view that bigger is usually better when it comes to looking at photographic landscapes.

If you are wondering which one in the picture is me, the answer is neither...............I  am sadly not in Tokyo but trucking on with my 'ordinary'  life in south east London. Still..... this event feels far from ordinary, so big thanks to Jon and Liezel at Subject Matter for putting on such a good show.

I must now return to the ironing................  joy of my life whilst I ponder why this blog suddenly got hundreds of hits yesterday for no clear reason.

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