Sunday, 14 October 2012

breathing lessons..............

My other half was dragged along to the NFT on Friday night to see the results of the Valtari mystery film experiment ; my obsession with all things Icelandic not having yet ended.

To sit in the theatre and listen to music from the album Valtari whilst watching some beautiful and incredibly imaginative films created in response to tracks from the album was a real treat.

You can see more of the creations here, but the one that stuck in my mind for it's sheer cleverness and power to save lives was the one shown above. I have been to many workshops on cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( CPR), but never have I felt able to remember in such graphic detail the requirements for the Heimlich manoevre to save the life of someone who is choking on a foreign body, be it a juicy piece of steak or a child's toy. The film starts quietly, and the change of tack mid way through comes a a real surprise, making it all the more powerful.

Watch the video above and you too might gain the tools to save a life. Then go to the Sigur Ros website and wallow in the beauty of the other movies and soundtracks. I particularly enjoyed

the surreal animal /city/carwash one set to the same track as the unexpected life saving one above.

If anyone can tell me what it all means I will be most interested. I am aware that eg anda means to breathe, and whilst the fish is clearly struggling to breathe, all the other creatures appear relaxed and quite serene in the beautifully photographed film. Each animal portrait is worthy of a photographic portrait competition in itself, being subtly lit and poignant.

I also admired  Rembihnútur by Arni & Kinski (above) for its meditative feel and beautiful ending.

The band have succeeded in creating worldwide interest through this project that allows self expression and individuality to thrive. 

still taken from 
Sigur Rós 'Valtari' Mystery Film Experiment: Ég anda by Ramin Bahrani

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