Saturday, 19 February 2011

think like a dog

yesterday I listened to a lot of troubled people; one of the privileges of my job is that people tell me things that they may never have told anyone else. like the lady who sat in front of me in tears because she thinks her grandmother may have abused her. all of this attentive listening is draining at times. my plan was to start today with a game of tennis with friends; a sure way to lift the spirits and refresh the body; but it is it'll be down to the woods in the rain instead.

my dog has the right attitude to life; I came down to the kitchen and fed her a bowl of dubuious looking brown reformed shapes, and she scoffed it in 3 seconds and then ran around the kitchen wagging her tail and showing off her soft toy; it's all about food!!

be happy!

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  1. not forgetting that you used to keep a diary. so this merely a continuation..