Sunday, 20 February 2011

in the dog house

well; having sung the praises of the dog yesterday, I'm afraid I have to go with the pig today. Dog, perhaps sensibly, didn't want to go for a walk in the mud on a cold grey drizzly day. We got half way across the field and a little switch went in her brain which said " I am not very bright". She stood, for about 10 minutes, frozen to the spot, whilst I chatted to passers by about why I wasn't going to go back for her............until I got so annoyed that I went back for her, and we went home. On the way we stopped at Tesco to get some essential items for the empty fridge that I photographed earlier. It seemed like a good idea to take pictures of my food on the checkout belt which highly amused the young lady on the till, who proceeded to call me David Bailey. Apparently another lady had been taking photos on her phone in the store only today; at which I responded that sadly I don't have a phone that is up to the job.

Home again for some gardening, followed by a nice cup of tea in the happy pig cup, to remind me that there is always something to smile about.

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