Saturday, 19 February 2011

dancing trees outside Tate Britain

had a lovely walk in the woods; found lots of empty sweet wrappers lying among the undergrowth, together with discarded drink cans; Fosters seems to be the preferred tipple of dog walkers, closely followed by a Mars bar. Swashing around in the mud was very therapeutic.
I made it to Chelsea Space for the last day of Aphasic Disturbance curated by Stephen Bury. The blurb about the exhibition was slightly more comprehensible than the exhibits themselves; try this sentence for size........." a salient example from the history of painting is the manifestly metonymic orientation of Cubism; where the object is transformed into a set of synechdoches". I wonder what that means? Must be art.

Not deterred, I walked a few yards across a nice square and into Tate Britain, where I revelled in the Susan Hiller exhibition. I learned about dream mapping Now there's someone who is not short of inspiration. I loved " the last silent movie"; watching the words on the screen in the dark and listening to the spoken word of endangered and extinct languages from around the world was an installation that will linger; I never knew there was a language where you could say " go and get the castanets" by whistling. Suffice it to say that I payed £25 for the catalogue, which is praise indeed. I have only bought three catalogues in my life ( and all of them since starting this course, so maybe I am changing in ways that I could not have predicted).

Finally, before jumping on a bus back home, I did a bit of photography capturing the pollarded plane trees outside the Tate.

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