Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Whale Song - a new book

Whale Song

So here we are.

Partly unlocked.

Waiting for the world to adjust and recuperate.

A difficult time for many.

All that I wish to do is to visit my children in Canada. Which will require me to quarantine for 2 weeks in each direction.

And so I will. In a few weeks time.

And while I am waiting I have been thinking about the ocean, and whales. Freedom and space....

Journeys across the water.

In ink.

On paper.

Drawn with a birch twig, an automatic pen and a plastic out of date Tate Modern card.

Ink drawing tools

I started with waves, and ended with whales.

Whale Song
Whale Song

Pages that turned into a book.

Whale Song  -   a book

So there we have it.

A Japanese stab binding. Arches Rives paper, black ink and vermillion ink.

I think there will be more to come.....

And here it is, 'Whale Song' set to music. A video.

I wonder where this new camera-less journey is going to lead me.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, there is vegetarian lasagne on the menu tonight.

OH will probably starve......

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  1. My talented friend. As you know, I have a passion for whales. Your latest book is lovely. Thank you for sharing.