Thursday, 1 March 2018

going round in circles - no beast from the east down here

As you know, I am in Oamaru, working for a couple of months to escape the beast from the east and the dark nights that winter brings.

Since I arrived in the town I have been going around in circles trying to think of something interesting to post.

I have been working quite hard, and taking a few bruising comments from folks who don't think that a female from up-top is a good enough replacement for the man that they have been trusting their problems to for many years. The disappointment is clear on their faces when they discover that their beloved MJ is not here today. And then I have to work extra hard at being nice to try and gain their trust.

So the ocean is a welcome relief from work, and I have set myself a task to photograph the Pacific from the same point every day during my lunch break.

This involves a 10 minute walk down a steep hill, a few minutes to take the photos, and then a very steep walk back up. It is keeping me fit after sitting on my butt all morning in front of my computer.

Circles are my favourite thing right now, so I am choosing one image each day to make into a circular image. When I have enough I will find a way to present them - maybe a giant grid, a series or a book.

I should really capture sunrise, as I am sure that would be more colourful, but I am not committed enough for that.

I enjoy the ever changing colours.

Blue skies and grey.

lunch break, Oamaru

Sunshine and cloud.

evening, Oamaru pier

The occasional evening shot just because the light is different.

Gita, Oamaru

We even had a storm.

Not the beast from the east, but anticyclone Gita.

The ocean reflecting the colours of the sky.

Oamaru pier

Back at home, OH ( my other half) is lighting a log fire and turning up the heating to a level that would keep me awake at night if I were at home.

Everyone is posting images of snow on social media, and the M80 is apparently closed, with folk trapped in vehicles.

I feel far removed.

I am not sure what images I am going to come home with, for I haven't settled into a project.

So I will just keep on running up and down the hill, and will come home with far too many photographs of waves and water.


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