Monday, 6 February 2017

The book artist uncovered

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MA book art. Term 2 of 6.

I am beginning to understand what it is I am meant to be doing.

It is very hard to describe, so I have decided to make a book about what it is.

Key facts;

  • Book artists make books about ideas and things that are important to them, such as gender or politics.

  • Most people struggle to understand what the book is about.

  • The book is 'conceptual'.

This basically means that the reader usually has to guess what the book is about and make up their own story.

Book artists choose their materials very carefully, as the story may be hidden in the paper or the thread.

If you think this is a story about a bear talking to three rabbits, then please try again.......

They place a lot of meaning in the layout of the words and images, and like to make reference to previously made books or art-work.

 They publish their books in small quantities and do 'show and tell' in crowded halls around the world.

You get the picture?

I am making a book called "One Day"

It will contain covers of all the books that are currently in my head, but are not suitable topics for someone doing a research project on the horizon and landscape.

Actually, I am sure I could work it so that they are valid, I just haven't quite worked out why yet.

The titles include
  • Street cabinets of the world

 'Worried Bear and Brillo at the beach'

'Barbie in Springtime'

'The Little Book of Really Useful Cones'

'My Colours and Shapes Book'

'Pink is too Pretty'

That's a start.

If you can suggest any more I will be more than willing to consider your ideas. Then I will get extra points for 'collaboration'.

Thank you!


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