Saturday, 11 February 2017

London to Edinburgh - I'm on the train

I am thinking about journeys, and destinations.

About how the journey can be a destination in itself.

A place where one is dislocated from normal life.

In transit. Neither here nor there

Between here and there. In a liminal state.

With time to think, and see the world in a different frame of mind.

Or just to rest.

I find that a slow shutter speed helps to express this state of mind.

Time passing.

Landscape passing.

Below are two images of a station.

One gives a feel of having stopped, the other of keeping moving.

Endless cables and overhead wires, carrying one along to a new place.

Dirty windows and reflections of the carriage interior add another dimension to the view.

Inside and outside meld into one.

Faceless people and cups of tea.

Anonymity in the blur.

A bridge.

A river

An unknown place.

Heading north.

Towards another place yet to be discovered..........

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