Thursday, 12 January 2017

stuck in Paradise

Coconut palms
My other half (OH) had work to do in sunny climes. Sri Lanka to be precise.

He invited me along for the ride.

He likes hot.

I like cold.

I sheltered under the palm trees and watched the crows and people on the beach.



ropes for toddy tappers
 Sap from the coconut palms is used to make a local spirit. It tastes like whisky without the flavour of whisky.
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The best time to walk was as the sun went down.

I found myself collecting plastic bottles from the shore, just as I do everywhere that I go.

There were hundreds to choose from.

I watched.

 Crow watched.

 Dog watched.

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men fished

time passed

 and birds flew

It seems that crows are everywhere around the world.

There is something rather appealing about swimming with crows.

They, like me, do like a nice clean pool.

It is the only place to be cool.

Next week the roles are reversed; I am off to Lapland, and can't wait to be really cold! OH is worried about the sartorial elegance of his thermals.

I wonder whether there are crows in lapland....

I'll let you know.

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