Tuesday, 15 November 2016

a show pops up

My MA course in book art is taking all of my creative juices and squeezing them out of me. Two projects on the go, and this is supposed to be the holidays.

My brain is in overdrive, and I am looking forward to escaping to Scotland next week.

This week we have a 'pop-up' show.

What does this mean?

We ( the book art students and printmaking students)  get the chance to make stuff, curate a show, have a private view and then take it all down again in just 24 hours.

I made a book last night, made it again at 6am today and then popped it at 12.00 in Camberwell.

So how does this work?

Well luckily we had a very experienced curator to oversee the process.

Two scruffy college rooms, 46 students and a lot of prints and books to be arranged appropriately on the old trestle tables and white walls.

I would like to say that it was fun. But we had to stand. So it was not.

People held stuff, and we discussed the themes that might or might not be arising.

My work is a book of 'found poems' in the style of Malcolm Parr's book of the same name from 1972.

Given that I am collecting texts for the re-draft I felt it appopriate to collect sentences from the curation process that I felt my other half would enjoy.

here are a few;

what kind of transition do you want from the floor to the wall?

I'm a big fan of nails and a mallet

Magnets? You are young..... we'll talk you out of that in the next 2 years.....

the other room is architecturally compromised
might this door become a metaphor?

flower arrangers.... lets put blooms in unlikely places....


a seed of a conversation ( between art works)

that seed might grow into something quite rich ...

this dress is becoming more and more generous.... 

 You get the idea.

And then we had to get the work on the walls, paint plinths white, chop the legs off others, and listen while some students had a serious falling out over the height of one work on the wall.

I dreamt of lunch, a cup of coffee, and a quiet night in.

For tomorrow we have a show, a crit, and then we break up for the holidays.


I'll let you know how it goes.

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