Wednesday, 8 June 2016

vancouver strikes again - summer in the city

I am in Vancouver.

Family matters, of a joyful variety.

I have been so busy that I have not had time to bore you with my letterpress workshop in London, or tell you about my new storytelling ventures at Dungeness, involving Tracey and Emmeline, two corrugated metal dolls. More of them later.

For now I just have time to throw some images at you.

Vancouver is a great city for cone hunters and people who like decorated metal street cabinets.

I am not going to show you those either. You can catch up with them on my instagram account.

I am also not going to bore you with my A to Z of Vancouver in pictures. It is going well, but I do need a whale...

Last night I strolled the streets with the words 'summer in the city' as my brief. I did not allow myself to take any photos that didn't meet the brief.

I tried to capture the greenery alongside the skyscrapers and apartment blocks.

The pink/purple tower merits another visit

Flowering blossom  on a city tree

light and airy

cables and tower blocks

leafy side streets

and just as I was heading home

water lilies © Caroline Fraser

I walked over a bridge and looked down into the water

water lilies © Caroline Fraser

beautiful colours and shapes

water lilies © Caroline Fraser

everything a girl in the city could need.

water lilies © Caroline Fraser