Monday, 9 May 2016

the new sea wall at camber which I discover a plentiful supply of textures for my photography

sea wall © caroline fraser 2016

The new sea wall at camber Sands is almost finished.

Men in orange are putting finishing touches to the railings so that dogs and people don't fall off.

A building project costing millions of pounds is almost done.

Rocks from Norway are settled into their new home.

I have 1999 photos documenting the building process ready to make into the movie, the book and the t-shirt.

sea wall camber sands © caroline fraser

 Cyclists have space to ride alongside the dog walkers and the kite surfers.

sea wall camber sands © caroline fraser

Cones are few and far between.

Shiny new life rings are taking their place.

And a wrapped blue thing  awaits unveiling.

sea wall camber sands © caroline fraser

Children have a new place to play.

sea wall camber sands © caroline fraser

Grown ups have a new place to hide.

Charlie Rock is long gone, and his rocks are all tidy behind the wall.

charlie rock © caroline fraser

charlie's rocks

The surveyors have finished their calculations.

And the numbered pieces are all slotted into place.

The joins are joined.

The car park is large and fully equipped.

disabled parking

and footprints are preserved for posterity.

Helpful signs are up

And sculptures adorn the view across the marsh.

The concrete is smooth and tempting.

Textures and markings catch my eye ; they will be useful for composite images, but also as a record of how it all looks before wind, rain and sand take their toll.

The seagulls will also do their bit.

This wall could keep me busy for ever.

I mustn't let it keep me from the beach....

The view from the other side is quite stunning.

Camber Sands

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