Sunday, 6 December 2015

the joys of jet lag and some photography in Vancouver

foggy dawn

I cannot thank eldest child for choosing to live in a city that allows for the most challenging jet lag of all destinations that I have encountered. I don't get stressed if I wake early, but I do get very tired, and that affects my brain in an adverse way.

  • day one; wake 3.30am
  • day 2 wake 4 am convinced that it is dawn.....but oh so wrong.
  • day 3 wake 4.30; ah ha; moving in the right direction....
  • day 4 wake 3.50 hmmmm
  • day 5 wake 4.30 ; I give up. I want to go home...
  • day 6 on plane to Auckland; breakfast served at 03.30 here we go again......
  • day 7 wake 05.00 luxury item; getting it cracked now
  • day 8 wake 06.00 YAY! I might be even be able to function when I start work tomorrow 

Suffice it to say that I have been unable to string any words together for this blog, or even decide what to post.

while most are sleeping

Should it be trees in the city?

trees in the city 1

trees in the city 2

Or should it be Vancouver and Stanley Park in the fog on a very cold and frosty walk before breakfast?

Dawn, Vancouver


Stanley Park

Stanley Park 2

Stanley Park 3

 trees and crows

the last leaves of autumn

Or it could be 'Orange on Nelson'

Eldest child walks to work on this street daily. I joined her on my last day and in my jet lagged stupor decided to focus on the cheery colour orange on the return journey.

orange on nelson 1

orange on Nelson 2

Orange on Nelson 3

orange on Nelson 4
the strange bolted cones of Nelson Street

more orange on Nelson

micro cones cover tree stumps on Nelson.

As you can see, I have not been able to choose, so have shown them all.

And my favourite is the bird seen on a city side street. Which doesn't fit any of these themes.

Bird in the city © Caroline Fraser 2015

Got to go now; I forgot to pack any socks, and it is very cold here in the New Zealand 'summer', so I am off to the shops.


  1. Certainly caught the early winter/morning Van mood! Memories ......

  2. Hello,
    I enjoy your posts (my favourite of this collection is probably "trees and crows") and also envy you ... exactly a year ago we went, for the first time, to New Zealand (only for five weeks) and enjoyed it very much!

    All the best,

    1. Good to hear from you Florian. I do think birds add something to a landscape. Let's hope you get back to NZ before too long . Caroline