Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mixing it up a bit in my local woods in autumn with the Olympus OMD-5ii

Miffy's pond

This is the pond where the dog ( deceased) liked to swim.

I go there and remember the way that she loved to wallow around in the water. I spent many a happy hour spent exploring the light and reflections on the surface while she buried her nose in the mud.

Today the woods were graced with the song of the local parakeets. Imposters from foreign shores. Noisy and destructive.

The autumn colours are good this year.  Flickr abounds with autumn trees and misty scenes.

I popped down to Hawkwood this afternoon as a break from jobs around the house.

With my new camera I have the facility to watch multiple exposure images appear before my eyes. Live view on the OMD-5 gives a little more control to the random process that is multiple exposure.

cobwebs and mare's tail

leaves beneath my feet

twigs and leaves

autumn leaves on the pond


forest light

I am practising for New Zealand. It is less than 4 weeks to go until I head back 'down under'.

 And if I can master the art of multiple exposure with this lovely little camera, then my load will be significantly lighter.