Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Invasion of the supermouse - in which I get a little disturbed by the presence of mice in my house.

there's a mouse in the house

We had mice.

Rock moving, tampon arranging mice.

The downstairs loo was a no go area as far as I was concerned.

Not only did they find tampons that had long disappeared from the bottom of the cupboard under the sink, below the floorboards, and turn them into a nest, but also they moved rocks ( basically the floor of my home) from in the cupboard, under the floor, to out of the cupboard, into the smallest room of the house.

They moved rocks.

We put down luxurious blue food.

They moved more rocks.

They ate more food.

They carried on moving rocks and eating food for 2 weeks.

I opened the door of the cupboard under the sink to see if they had gone.

Large, fat, supersized mouse gazed out at me from the top of the tampon pile.

I screamed and ran. Mouse probably ate more food and wondered what on earth was wrong.

They were supposed to die ( yes I know, it is cruel to kill animals, but I can't live with mice and that's the end of the matter). Humane traps are all very well, but you have to drive them to the local woods and let them out far, far away. Otherwise they just come back home and move more rocks.

I have caused a mouse to freeeze in the middle of the kitchen floor on a previous occasions, so loud and high pitched was my scream.

I don't do mice or snakes.

Other half (OH) doesn't do wasps.

Luckily we can help each other out in this respect. He caught the mouse that was stunned to inaction on the kitchen floor in  saucepan and returned it to the garden.

I opened  the window and let out the wasp that was causing OH to freak out in the study.

The mice appear to have gone, thanks to the rodent control man who has  different blue food.

He was very keen to show me photos on his phone of various pests that he has controlled.

Cockroaches featured highly.

I can cope perfectly well with those. They are just insects. I have prior experience of those in hospitals and bed and breakfasts that I have stayed in. They phase me not one bit.

OH thought it would be very amusing to put larger rocks down in the loo as a joke.

What he didn't bank on was my being so shocked to see large rocks on the floor that I actually convinced myself that it was a large mouse sitting on a rock, and screamed louder than ever before.

I need to get my own back.


You will be my friend forever.

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  1. I love what the OH did, thats exactly what I would have done