Monday, 19 October 2015

Saturday night at Camber sands- in which I venture into the darkness all alone.

Saturday night in Camber sands.

OH (other half)  watching utter drivel on TV. 

Dr Who is teaching some rather weedy Vikings how to fight off intergalactic warriors. Vikings are wearing horned helmets. OH loves to inform me on a regular basis that Vikings never wore horned helmets back in the day when Vikings lived and marauded. 

What do do when internet free and unable to play with my iPad. OH is convinced that I am addicted to my iPad. I am convinced that he is addicted to many things...... TV drivel for one.

I have read the paper, cooked a meal and now I am in need of some action.

Time to go outside with my camera and see what I can find in the dark.

It is very quiet. I can honestly say I didn’t encounter another human during my hour outdoors in the dark. I am not a brave person, and the dark was a test. On the beach there is no moonlight  to lighten the sky. I resort to shuffling my feet tentatively on the sand.

Without a tripod, for I am lazy that way,  I decide to see what I can achieve in the Camber night. I ramp the ISO up to 8000 and later to 16,000, then 32,000 as it gets darker and darker. I explore the bushes, the street and the beach.  No matter if none of them are worthy of space on my hard disk.

It kept me amused, and iPad free.

So here are a few to share with you.

First the bushes.

wind in the trees


Then the street

the telephone kiosk, camber sands

full english. cheap at the price

sleeping prohibited

Then the carpark

self portrait of the artist at night

the toilets, camber car park

the car park union jack

The beach

lights at sea, camber sands

beach houses, camber sands

And finally the telephone box, receiver hanging ......

All a bit grainy and a bit blurred, but you get the picture.


  1. I do not like the dark Caroline. You are much braver than I am - these images are proof. They're great too.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Carina. There are many places where I would not go out alone in the dark.

  2. I am forever smiling at your blog efforts, ....... now exploration in the dark :) ..... perhaps you could take Magdelina (my 50's mannequin) next time? Walk would do her good :)

  3. I am sure she would love the beach Baz. Send her over.....