Monday, 12 October 2015

Margate to Broadstairs........along the Viking Coastal Trail

flat white at Forts cafe

My other half (OH) took me out for the day today.

I say 'he took me out' because he did all the driving. It is traditional.

I chose the walk. As I hadn't been to the beach for a whole week I chose a coastal trail.

Viking Coastal trail ( part of)

Six miles along the coast from Margate to Broadstairs. Unchartered territory on a fine autumn day.

By the time we arrived in Margate I was ready for a coffee.

We found Fort's.

Cosy and welcoming, with novel wall decorations.

Fort's in Margate

novel wall decorations in Fort's cafe.

At this point I really wished that I hadn't had my breakfast, for a family of four were tucking into the most amazing spread of eggs benedict, sausage and chips and real Welsh rarebit. Youngest child throwing a wobbly at the sight of her sausage and chips, wailing "that's not what I wanted', in the way that only young children can do and do do.

I wanted.

Flat white in a blue and white china teacup for us. And very good it was too.

Leaving the streets of Margate for the tarmac path along the cliff top we passed subtle signs of a town past its heyday trying to reinvent itself.

Margate casino.

Cliff Lido, Margate

Then off along the coastal path, forced into our anoraks as we walked directly into the strong sea breeze.

Water quality results not bad.

 Efforts to keep the area clean also not bad.

Seagulls and wind a challenge ; special seagull proof bin bags and bins tied to posts with more rubbish bags.

Seagull proof rubbish bags

Bins on the clifftop

There are a lot of useful signs along the way

tied bins and falling rocks

probably dangerous

100% effective forensic traps

The beaches were tucked in under the cliffs.

The jet skis too.

jet ski world.

I was not heartbroken that jet ski world was closed.

Botany Bay

a plentiful supply of Kentish greens

flint stone wall in North Foreland

we descended 78 steps, but there was no beer.....

 The cafe was closed but surf was up at Stone Bay

Beach huts in various colours and styles abound along the shore.

gone swimming

beach huts at Stone Bay

somewhat more interesting beach hut

Last stop Broadstairs, a proper holiday resort, with rock, buckets and spades.

'As seen on TV' tourist shop.

Also home of home of Bleak House, where Charles Dickens wrote David Copperfield.

Unfortunately my guide did not take me to see it, for it was lunch time.

The Intolerant Wife
We were not tempted by The Intolerant Wife.

We found beer.

And meat.

And the beach, basking in the autumn sunshine.

Broadstairs beach

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A bus returned us to Margate.


where we admired the outside and a little bit of the inside of the Turner Contemporary and popped into Aldi to replenish our supplies of meat.

Just in case......

Paolo Canevari at Margate Contemporary

Coastal architecture, Viking Coastal Way.

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