Monday, 3 August 2015

a red dot and a new dress

Having worked hard at my day job last week, I have some time off for good behaviour.

I have entered the artists' world that is Rye for a few days.

It is a colourful world.

I have had coffee, tea and lunch with my artist friends, and found time to inspect the Rye Society of Artists Summer Exhibition.

I liked what I found; a bright and breezy new space with its very own cone.

Everyone seems to agree that the new venue is a success. It feels light and airy, and has been hung beautifully.

I am in the 'subtle shades of grey and black' zone, artfully hung beneath a print by Fred Cuming RA.

In the colourful zone I particularly enjoyed the works of Matt Hardman on wood panels.

Matt Hardman at Rye

And downstairs small sketches from Dungeness  by Denise Franklin.

It is a varied and inspiring exhibition, and there are lots of red dots already.

I have one, as does Fred.

Which made me so happy that I went straight up the hill to Rye and spent my 'winnings' on a new dress.


  1. That's the way to do it in E. Sussex... Doktor Caroline.. (!)

    + Do.. * Send all bests.. To the lovely & very supportive Cummings famille..


  2. I mean one.. M | of course.. (!)

    It's a 'Kent thing'..