Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Cones of Camber Sands and some fascinating traffic cone facts

I think you probably already know that I have a bit of a cone problem.

'I see cones'

'I see cones.................EVERYWHERE.................'

I wish the Cones Hotline was still available. Set up by ex prime minister John Major in 1992, it permitted members of the public ( me) to report traffic cones being deployed for no apparent reason.

If it still existed I would be making daily calls.

In 3 years it received 'only' 20,000 calls, and was therefore disbanded as a waste of money

 Rick Wakeman, in the TV series Grumpy Old Men, mentioned it;

"I've spotted some cones."
"How many?"
"About four and a half million on the M6, doing absolutely nothing."
"Thank you for telling us."
The cones are still there.

The hotline is dead.

Cones along the roadside sport leafy  clues to the fact that they have been there far too long.

cone with hair

They even have cones in the highlands of Scotland.

cone with highlands

deep in the undergrowth

cone with grasses

and upside down cones

upside down cones

There is a series on Nickelodeon called "The Traffic Cones'

Luckily I don't have the necessary facilities required to view it.

You can purchase your own supply quite easily on the internet

They are really very reasonable.

One of my neighbours has her own.

She uses it to encourage people not to park outside her house. It seems to work, for reasons I can't quite figure. I would like to paint it pink.

Tamil Nadu pink cone

The Dull Men's Calendar has found another obsessed individual.

Polar bears like cones too.

As do grown men.

I, of course, don't actually own any cones. Or cone costumes.


Thankfully I am currently focussed on documenting the Cones of Camber Sands.

Collecting photos, not the cones themselves.

While the seawall is being reconstructed there is a plentiful supply.

Cones of Camber 1

Cones of Camber 2

Cones of Camber 3

Cones of Camber 4
Cones of Camber 5
Just a few harmless photos for now

The book and the TV series will come later.

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