Wednesday, 6 May 2015

on entering my second childhood - barbie dolls and bird stones


Other half (OH) is getting worried about me.

I have spent my weekend collecting stones and leaves. Stones that look like eggs and stones that have faces. Camber Sands has a plentiful supply, and unlike shopping, stone hunting costs nothing. It is a fine way to spend time on a lovely beach when they skies are grey and the wind is blowing too hard for making photographs.

He feels I am regressing towards five years old. Meanwhile he is advancing rapidly to adulthood, for he has a new telephone.

OH has joined the land of modern technology with a 4G mobile device. He is very pleased with it. I taught him how to send a text message. He is advancing rapidly. Soon he might learn how to take photos with it too. I have avoided upgrading my phone for fear of taking even more photos than I already do.

I haven't told him about my Barbie doll. It would reinforce his view that I am rediscovering my childhood. I found her in an Oxfam shop. She likes to go out in the garden and explore the spring flowers.

When I was 5 I didn't play with dolls, and I have never before owned a Barbie. There is only one problem; she doesn't have many clothes. She has a short skirt. And that is it. No knickers or even a brassiere. And I am not going to go and buy her any. She will have to make do with what she can find.

I chose her for her blue eyes.

Who could resist them?

she can hide behind a rock

In the interests of public decency I have fashioned a top for her.

She looks ravishing in pink.

She can look a bit 'naughty' without her top on. We won't go there. That's a very different story.

Barbie and the magnolia tree

She is hoping to feature in a book of flowers one day.

The main thing is that she injects a bit of frivolity into my 5 year old life, and fun at five is so much better than dullness in my late 'several decades after 5's.

Which brings me onto age and beauty. Barbie never ages. I sadly do.

Have you tried the new how old do I look app?

I couldn't resist it.

I was delighted to be told that I am 4 years younger than I really am. I tested it again on a second photo taken in India a few weeks earlier. That made me only 2 years younger than I really am.

I pointed out to OH that going to India added two years to my life. And it certainly felt like it.

OH pointed out that the holiday had taken two years off my life and that I was now 2 years younger as a result.

We beg to differ.


I shall carry on collecting stones, for that is what I do.

stone eggs

And just so that I can say to OH that I did something with the leaves that were adorning the kitchen table, here is one that looks like a fish. It is from a Magnolia Grandiflora.

leaf fish

I shall carry on playing with my barbie doll.

owl stone

And I shall carry on looking for birds and other animals.


For if nothing else, it will stop me taking pictures of litter.

tree with red plastic bag

For a few minutes at least.

Until the next time.