Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Darkness and light

After Kyffin

I was delighted to have this image selected for a wet weather themed exhibition by Don't Take Pictures

The first comment I received was that is is somewhat darker than my normal fare.

It was taken on a very dark, rainy day at Milford Sound, New Zealand. I probably shouldn't tell you that I took it out of my car window, as the rain was so heavy.

Fiordland is the wettest part of New Zealand, so it was fitting that it rained.

The image title comes from having seen work by the artist Sir Kyffin Williams RA (1918- 2006).

Some of his largest paintings were very dark, featuring the Welsh hills.

This image is from the website of Robert Perera fine art, who deal with his work.

Here is something much lighter, in case you were getting concerned.

Winter in Whistler © Caroline Fraser

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