Monday, 16 December 2013

treading in dangerous waters

'you cut the top off'  he said

Other half and I spent a cold, windy Saturday afternoon at Dungeness.

My clothing did not match the wind chill. It was dark, and I was grumpy.

I was grumpy because I am waiting for my visa for New Zealand.

Tracking my application's progress on the helpful visa application tracking service website merely tells me that my application was lodged 3 weeks ago. Which I already know, as I was the one who lodged it.

In person.

Any rational being would tell me that it will come when it is ready.

But I am not ( always) rational, and as all my plans depend on this small piece of bureaucracy, I am getting a little tense and irritable.

Because I really do want to go to New Zealand, and I have paid for my flights and have a job lined up in Gore, in Southland. A lot depends on this visa.

We walked and talked.

the new lighthouse with multiple exposure

We had a dangerous discussion in which I commented that when you search on the ipad for something on google, it tells you what your search history is. So no secrets then.

Other half ponders life on the beach at Dungeness, where apparently the water is deep.

I already knew that OH is interested in football, beer and getting a new car. Google confirmed my view.


Who does he think we are?!

No comment.

And what is this article on ' the submissive wife?' that he has been reading?

 The Submissive Wife

is a  book from Spain that is going into the best seller lists, giving advice to new wives, and angering feminists. Apparently it 'popped up when he browsed the daily newspapers on-line'.

Well I'm afraid I couldn't let that one go. A degree of teasing was required about that one. It really got me thinking.

So what is on my Google search history?

Photography, photography, and more about photography. So no surprises there either.

We are, it seems, mostly incompatible where our primary interests are concerned.

But we do both enjoy a good walk. And plenty of other things.

once again I am some way behind, taking pictures

So we wandered, and I ranked the ISO on the camera up higher than ever before as the daylights disappeared. 2000, then 3000............ and eventually to 5000.

Lights came on.

The moon came up.

I tried some multiple exposure shots of the power station, experimenting with different blending modes in the camera.

Dungeness power station; bright blending mode

Dungeness Power station; dark blending mode

Other half sat quietly in the car listening to football on the radio until I had had enough of taking pictures in the dark.

Then home for tea.