Thursday, 19 September 2013

what's on your mantlepiece - episode 2, in which mine gets onto the front page of The Guardian

Here is the front page of today's Guardian, on the topic of mantlepieces, with a colourful photo of my very own mantlepiece. If you look very carefully I am in the photo shown on the mantlepiece as a baby wrapped in a shawl, held by my grandmother.

mantlepiece for the Guardian
You may remember I wrote on this topic some months back; well probably you won't as I checked and it was over 2 years ago, back when I was exploring 'home' as a topic for my photography.

See the original post here.

Now the Guardian newspaper has become interested in the topic too; asking 'what does your mantelpiece say about you?' as one of their 'witness series'

You can make you own contribution here and you will be in with a chance of getting your photo shown at the Photographers gallery in London.

mantlepiece © caroline fraser
This is my original contribution to the Guardian Witness site.

The image is from my bedroom, and features artwork in clay from my youngest when he was much much younger, some candlesticks that were a gift from my aunt and uncle, a heart shaped stone, and a bottle that my sister gave me.

All very personal items. All treasured and all have been there for years. Comfort in familiarity and a link to the past. Colour, clay and candlesticks. Nothing worth much at all............except to me who considers them irreplaceable.

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  1. Might just take one of my mantle - *Before i do the dusting & pick off the dead moths.. (!)

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