Monday, 16 September 2013

pictures that pose questions

winner ; best painting at Pure Autumn Art Fair

This is the winner in the 'best painting' category at the Pure Autumn Art Fair by Paul O'Brien, entitled
'Rapunzel 091 12001'

When guests at the preview discussed it, they seemed to like the untold story that it evokes. Why is the telephone off the hook? And why is it an old phone? You can let your imagination run wild, and I am sure each viewer will make their own interpretation.

So I was surprised to read that Paul made the work as a commission and that it is based on purity. His ideas were expressed before the painting was finished in an interview here

His artist statement says

'Paul plays with the immaterial, sometimes pairing objects with birds, animals or natural elements to enhance their insignificance or by positioning them in situations foreign to their natural purpose. 

His work features dial phones, typewriters and audio cassettes, items once so important in our lives, but have since been left behind by the modern world.'   


All of which got me thinking about some balloons that I found in a field this afternoon.

As I walked past them I was reminded of the pillow that I talked about over a year ago that I found in the woods. The reason for their being there was a mystery. And it was the mystery that I enjoyed.

Which got me thinking about constructed images, (which these were not), and how some artists and photographers set up photographs to look like reality, or to look like something that doesn't seem quite real but that tells a story............or poses questions.

Which got me thinking that it would be fun to take everyday objects into nature and set up my own constructed reality rather than making images of objects that I find by chance.

big blue with stalk

All of which made me think about what I might photograph when I visit Scotland next week.

Teacups in a field?

wooden spoons by a river?

books on a wall?

a thermos flask on a highland road?

all of which have no meaning at all unless I can think of one.

Given the fact that I completely missed Paul O'Brien's intention to convey purity, yet love the painting for it's simple shapes and colours and suggestion of an incident in a time past, surely I don't need a meaning or intention other than to pose some questions of the viewer or to create something that is visually pleasing.



untitled © Caroline Fraser 2013

This is my favourite.

What should I call it?

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