Saturday, 17 August 2013

My art is going to be in a silo and my memory is going to pot

reeds © caroline fraser

Other half and I seem to be suffering with early signs of dementia.

He keeps asking me the same questions and I keep burning saucepans.

I am burning saucepans because I keep trying to cook and work on my photography at the same time. Nothing to do with memory really; just the fact that the cooker and my computer are not in the same room, and that photography is far more enthralling than chicken stock. But twice in a week is not good. My youngest may have to do without the set of pans that I was planning to give him when he eventually owns his own kitchen.

I am also a littel concerned that my typing skills are going to pot; all the words come out jumbled up, with up to four letters in the wrong order. This happens all the time at owrk, and less so at home. Is this a sign of dementia too?

I have just goolge d it and it seems to be a commmon problem; fortunately the main cause seems to be dyspraxia, or I can even blame it on the keyboard; something I woudl prefer to do. Either that, or to tiredness, which is certainly a problem some days. Time will tell whther my random errors are a sign of something more serious; for now, I prefer not to knw, as I have lots to do and so little time to do it.

Good things are happening in Japan.

I have a new solo show coming up at Parabola , a wine bar in the art silo, Tokyo.

Nigel Coates 1990 Art Silo building, Nishi Azabu,Tokyo, Japan

The show will feature work from my Impressions series, including 'Hebrides 1', one of which resides in the residence of the US ambassador in Tokyo.

Hebrides 1 © Caroline Fraser

The new ambassador Caroline Kennedy will see it when she takes up her position. Something to smile about, and so much more uplifting than the state of my chicken stock.

Her appointment was announced by Obama see here for the New York Times article in July

and the residence looks really rather beautiful.

US embassy in Tokyo

May be she will invite me to visit.

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