Sunday, 4 August 2013

low light photography excuse for a few fuzzy photos using intentional camera movement.

blue grass © caroline fraser

At the end of a lovely sunny weekend at the beach I dragged myself once more up the dunes to the beach to see what the end of the day would bring.

Standing on the dunes as the sun goes down is always a treat, when all the visitors of the day have packed up and gone home.

No bright colours tonight, and no spectacular light. But instead a beautifully subtle mackerel sky.

evening light over the dunes at Camber Sands

The light was too low to take any photos without a tripod, so I indulged in a little intentional camera movement photography. Keeping the iso low I shut down to f22 to create exposures between 2 and 6 seconds. This is photography as I like it; experimental and unpredictable. Focusing on the dunes and then moving the camera up or down towards the end of the exposure I experimented until the light was gone.

shades of grey © caroline fraser

Most of the images had a blue tinge due to the reflections from the sky.  To create a little variety I allowed myself a little artistic licence when processing the images, opting for colours that I felt work best, using  minor curves adjustments.

Hence the three shades of grey above.

dunes © caroline fraser

I got stuck in the dunes until I ran out of light, never making it down onto the beach.

ship on the horizon © caroline fraser

The ship on the horizon sailed on into the night, destination unknown.

I strolled home and ate some cake.