Monday, 16 July 2012

thinking positively ; the art of coping with an english 'summer'

fly tipped window panes at Hawkwood carpark © Caroline Fraser 2012

The image above was taken on my walk today; I have discarded my crutches and plaster, thanks to a kind consultant surgeon who agreed with me that the minor injuries unit had gone for overkill in treating my cracked bone. I am now wearing 'sensible shoes' and avoiding vigorous walking and tennis.

After 48 hours of getting around on these crutches, with sore shoulders and hands I had mastered the art of wheely chair mobility and had felt like a new woman scooting around my kitchen , with a cup of tea in my hand, not spilling it.

the key to sanity

Note the incredibly useful bag hanging on the back for keys, phone, glasses and anything else that I thought I might need. I had crawled on my hands and knees down the stairs with this chair and my crutches, so determined was I to be more mobile. So for those of you who think you might need to be in a non weight bearing plaster, I recommend you get rid of all carpets, as you will be immobile any other way.

So delighted was I with this advance in technology that I tidied the chest of drawers in the kitchen; not before time. I found a few oddities that had been there for a long, long time.

If you know what these are for, please let me know...............

Actually, on second thoughts please don't. I have thrown them away and would hate to find out that I shouldn't have.

 All this an hour before I got the phone call that allowed me to attack my plaster cast with scissors and free myself from 6 weeks of misery.

So today I took a gentle stroll by the stream and through the mud. I didn't take a camera because I couldn't for a minute think that the grey drizzly weather would be conducive to photography. I did have my phone with me, and experimented with taking videos of the wind and the grasses. The quality is very poor and really nothing happens at all except that some drops of rain fall, the wind blows and the calls of a crow and a peacock are heard near the end, just when you are probably getting really really bored. Do not try to view large; all you will see is fuzz. 

I can't recommend an iphone 3G for video production; every time the wind blows there is an tremendous distortion, and since it was the sound of the wind that I was trying to capture, I was not happy with my results. next time I will try my proper camera.

I came home, hosed down the dog, and made myself a lovely strong cup of tea with a teabag from my new tin.

my dog looks a lot like this 
I have rediscovered the joy of just being outside, whatever the weather, listening to nature.

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