Monday, 2 July 2012

Spanish dogs that use lifts and a little rant about British Airways

"what are you looking at? never seen a dog take the lift before?"

I am returned from Spain where dogs use the lift in hotels and the sky is blue.

The journey there was slightly unusual in that we flew from London City airport with British Airways.

"Nothing unusual in that" I hear you say.........

We got three quarters of the way to Barcelona without a hitch, but then the captain spoke......

"We regret to inform you that the plane has a technical hitch. It will not be possible to fix it at Barcelona, so we are returning to London"

Joyful sounds from all on board; everyone remarkably calm considering. No one panicked, and no one got angry.

After another three quarters of an hour we reached London and returned to the lounge. " Please wait in the lounge and in 10 minutes we will inform you whether you should wait here for the plane to be fixed, or transfer to another plane at an alternative airport. More sounds of joy. Some passengers already knew they would miss their connections, and were a little miffed.

The alternative was potentially worse, and we all heaved a sigh of relief to be safely on the ground, without the need to employ the three fire engines standing by.

rescue team at the ready

So we took up residence in the lounge, near the information desk , to await further instructions.

Ten minutes passed, and then another ten; not a peep from British Airways.

I amused myself looking at the fire extinguisher on the wall and chatting to a couple who could see their weekend in Barcelona disappearing into a long day at the airport. Other half paced around and waited for information.

Now it seems to me that the best way to keep people happy is to tell them what is going on. The man at the information desk happily announced that our plane was to be replaced with another, and that we should wait for it to be announced on the departure board. Did they inform the people not sitting beside the information desk?   Of course they didn't.

One by  one worried individuals took their turn in the queue and were informed that everything was going to be fine, and to keep an eye on the board.

Did they announce the new flight on the departure board?   Of course they didn't. 

After another hour a message finally came over the tannoy telling us to get back on another plane. By this time at least 100 individuals had asked the man at the information desk for information, and each had separately been told that they should wait for the message on the departure board that never appeared. The instructions promised after 10 minutes never arrived.

Rant over.

British Airways have nothing to be proud of with respect to their public relations and communication.

blue skies and friendly waves in Barcelona
We set off again and this time we made it to our destination, where the rain that had shrouded London was nowhere to be seen.

We soon forgot the journey, and made our way to the Costa Brava, where dogs use the lifts and the sun shines every day.

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